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Running out of supplies?? Hooked on the Lake and Willow Creek Rug Hooking are hosting a pop-up shop Sept 19th at the North Crosby Community Centre in West[port On. from 9-3, 45 minute time slots are available for you to come and do a bit of shopping. Registration is required -deadline Sept 10th, masks, sanitizing at the door. Contact info will be collected for tracing purposes, please include your phone # when registering.

If you are looking for a specific pattern please order in advance as both of our  stocks are low and we are just doing patterns by request. 

Untangling Colour Workshop

The Colour theory workshop is all organized and will run for 6 weeks, dates offered are Wed.'s Feb 3rd-March 10th or Sat. Feb 6th -Mar 13th. Classes start at 10 am eastern and run between 1/1/2 -2 hours. Notes, patterns for the homework and downloadable recording will follow each class. We will cover the basics, harmonies, value, chroma, contrast, balance and temperature with each week building on the previous classes, small patterns as in the pictures will be used to put the theory in to practice. A full colour plan will be done in week 5 and everything will be reviewed in week 6. 

Cost for the workshop $285 (includesHST) a kit is available but not a requirement. email for further info or to register.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are all learning how to go about our lives in new ways these days. I have been teaching Zoom classes and think this might be a great way for you to choose the wool for you next project with out leaving your house.  I can set up a Zoom  appointment and show you the wool I have in the studio. I have a great selection of hand dyed and  bolt wool and can custom dye if the perfect colour is not in stock.

email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 613-273-6707 (email is the quickest way to reach me)

Zoom is very easy to use and it ususlly just takes a click on the link to get going.

I will ship the wool or you can arrange a curbside pickup at the studio if you like.


Untangling Colour

I love teaching dye classes but my studio is too small to have students here and it is hard to find the appropriate location, but now because we can do classes by Zoom, my studio will be just the right size. The classes run approx. 1 1/2 -2 hours.

Techniques will be, basic dyeing, stained glass/spot dyeing, painting on wool, swatches plus a couple of quick experiments. Dyeing and colour theory go hand in hand so each week I will discuss one aspect of the theory as it applies to dyeing and rug hooking. there will be comprehensive notes for each technique which will be emailed after each class and colour samples for the 3 dye companies will be mailed to each student.

If you think you would like to try this, email me and I will send you more information.

Dates: The classes will run 4 days over 2 weeks probably in Sept. The classes will be recorded so if you have to miss one it will be available after the class.

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 $200 includes the tax. 



10% off any pattern and 20% of two or more until Jan 30th. 2022 

Are you ready for a new pattern or want to save a bit on a future project. Now is the time, all patterns on sale. 

email with your address and I will get back to you with the shipping.

The Tom Thomson patterns are available in 2 sizes 

12x 14 approx. and 18x18 approx. All 3 patterns are on linen suitable for a #4 and up cut. I recommend a #4-5 for the smaller ones and a #5-6 ffor the larger. 

The top picture is The West Wind, the second is The Jack Pine and the third is Summer Shore Georgian Bay.

Kits are available with wool cut or uncut,  and range from $150-210.-email for exact  pricing. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Small Patterns $55, Large Patterns $65

Last Light a Barbel Smith pattern, hooked by Nancy Crapper and finished as a foot stool . It is a beautifully hooked example of an alternative finish for our rugs. 

the new Laurel Burch patterns

There are 3 new Laurel Burch patterns, MIkayla, Canine Friends and Dog Tribe. All available on traditional linen. Fun and colourful patterns that appeal to Laurel Burch fans and dog lovers as well. 

I also have several new patterns in my line, Underwater Dreams and Orca are both availabe as kits. There is a new tab for kits and as I get the dye plans done I will be adding more over the next few months. 

For those of you in the London Ont. area don't forget to come to the OHCG Annual on Sunday April 14th, if you aren't attending the conference, I will be there as a vendor and it sounds like there will be a wonderful show of rugs.  

Wind Swept finished

Wind Swept

- I have been working on this pattern off and on for a few months and decided this week to focus on getting it finished. It was a bit trickier than I first expected and I needed to think about it a bit, which was why it took longer than ususal. I am really pleased with the finished product and think I stayed fairly true to the painting. 

The studio will be closed from Aug 17 to the 27th and I will not be able to return either phone calls or emails. Please contact me after the 27th for information about the beginner class or to order patterns. 

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I have hooked this pattern with 2 different backgrounds

This is a quick pattern and fun to hook.  The cat makes me smile every time I look  at it.

The light background one was hooked first and will be used at shows as a pattern sample. I hooked the second one to send off to the Laurel Burch Studio in California and thought I would see how it looks with  a dark background. I can't decide which I like better. 

New Pattern by Laurel Burch
Trademark Laurel Burch

I am very excited to be able to offer 3 Laurel Burch patterns.

Her vivid and vibrantly coloured images are whimsical creations from a mythical world of her own imagination. Recognized for her iconic cat figures Laurel created art that is timeless. The passion of her life was to emphasize our connections with the earth and all living things. 

See the new pattern tab for pictures and information about the patterns. 

What do ewe think...

Thanks so much, the blog is not that active but I am working on improving that. Here is a new pic of one of AJ's patterns.
Beth Dubeau
I hooked both Killarney and AJ Devrie's Song of New Beginning- was very happy with the results. Beth Dubeau
My wife and I thoroughly enjoy this site.