Mon, 5th December 2022
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Untangling Colour Theory Workshop

I am working on a new workshop and thought I would give you a heads up. 

This on line workshop will help you understand and use colour theory to  colour plan your projects. Over a number of weeks I will help you untangle the theory tackling one element at a time. The plan for the workshop is that each week there will be a new class that you can download and work through at your own pace. Each class wil include a small abstract pattern that you can use to explore the threory, either by hooking or just colouring that week's topic. Actually using and physically putting the theory in to practice is the best way to ensure you understand a specific concept, but the projects are just the size of a coaster so not a lot of time or wool has to be invested. 

I expect that the whole program will run aabout 6 weeks with classes running about an hour each. Even though this will not be an inter-active class you can email me questions and I will answer them over the next few classes.

If you think this might be a program you would be interested in email me and I will send you updates once it is all in place. I expect it will start in January. 

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What do ewe think...

Thanks so much, the blog is not that active but I am working on improving that. Here is a new pic of one of AJ's patterns.
Beth Dubeau
I hooked both Killarney and AJ Devrie's Song of New Beginning- was very happy with the results. Beth Dubeau
My wife and I thoroughly enjoy this site.