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Strawberry Rug Hookers

Having a great time in Punta Gorda at the hook-in. Here is a pic of a new friend from the Strawberry Rug Hookers of Lakeland, Shelley is a new hooker and finished the whipping on her first rug today at the hook-in. Kathy in the background is also a member of the Strawberry;s and you can see the crowd in the background.... that is half the room. An amazing event! So glad we came down.

Too Many Rugs and Not Enough Time

I often have people tell me that they can't find the time to hook, so here are a couple of things that work for me. 

Take 5 strips and lay them out in the space where you hook tell yourself that tomorrow you will find the time to hook, its only five strips you could probably get those hooked while you watch the news. If you hook the 5 strips every day you will make progress, and I'll bet that you can't just hook 5.

I was making chicken soup yesterday and while it was simmering I picked up the friendship rug that I was working on, my bit was to be done today. Well I really didn't think I would get it done but because I had the timer on for 15 minutes to remind myslef to check the soup I got busy. Well the timer went off and I was amazed at how much I got done in that short time, another 10 minutes and it was done. I couldn't believe it. Yeah on to another project.! So the tip is give yourself 15 minutes a day to hook. I am sure you can find that much time somewhere.

Happy hooking


Westport Hook-In 2017

 The date is confirmed, the Westport Hook-in will be July 4th this year.


North Bay/Powasson Hook-In

What a fun weekend I had  at the North Bay/Powasson hook-in. I was very fortunate to stay with my friends Donna and Peter at their cottage on beautiful Lake Nipissing. Donna and I were 2 of the 4 vendors at the hook-in and it was great to see what everyone was working on. There are so many amazingly talented people in our rug hooking world. Here is a picture of Arleen Brandes' Van Gogh masterpiece that she did in the workshop I taught at the OHCG Annual this year. I am so proud that I was there to help her create this beautiful piece of art. Well done Arleen.

Spring Saplings and Deer

Spring Saplings and Deer

A very true to the painting version of AJ's Spring Saplings and Deer hooked by Lenore.

Caught in the Hoop
Best Seat in the House

A new use for the Tux Hoops

Chris sent me a couple of pics of how her cats think the Tux Hoops  should be used. Her 3rd cat likes it as well but was a bit camera shy. 

Dolly the Sheep by Nancy

Dolly's Garden

Here is another example of Dolly's Garden hooked by Nancy C. She used mostly wool from her stash with just a few new pieces that I dyed for her. It is one of the great things about our art that 2 people can hook the same pattern but they are each unique. Beautiful work Nancy!

Brown Alpaca
white Alpaca

Alpacas in Colborne

My sister and I had a great time visiting my  Mum this weekend. We did some Christmas shopping at several craft fairs and then went to visit Amy at Nuevo Norte Alpacas in Colborne.  I thought these cuties would be shy and skittish but they were right up by the fence checking us out and posing for photos. It would be really fun to do some hooking with their wool.


Heritage Series from Eaton's

So as you can tell blogging is not my thing reallly. However things have slowed down now and I plan to spend more time updating the Wool N Pen

There will be new patterns on the site, hook a bit of our rug hooking Heritage, The "new" patterns are a collection of the Eaton's Rug Patterns. 

These patterns will be on primitive linen and are lots of fun to hook, they are colour planned for you or choose your own colours. 

Here are a few pictures of some finished rugs.

 Dolly's Garden- Primitive Linen

Songs of New Beginnings

The First AJ VanDrie pattern

Here is the first of the AJ VanDrie patterns that I am working on. It was the amazing colours that attracted me to AJ's art and it was lots of fun to hook this pattern.

Hudson and Me

Hudson and Me, and New Hoops

This is a picture of Hudson helping me sand the new hoops. He was very keen to help Neil,  his "Gramps" with the cutting( we only let him watch that part). Then Judy(YaYa) his grandmother had him matching blocks and clamping the outer rings. Next came the finishing with Carol. We had a great day and made lots of progress. Check them out on the "tools" tab. 

Welcome to Willow Creek Rug Hooking!

I am ecstatic to be able to present to you my new website and first blog post. Here you will find about current events, pictures of completed work done by my students or those who have purchased our designs and other topics that you may find interesting.

As you may have read in the 'About Us', I have been hooking rugs for many years and what started out as a hobby has turned into a lot more. It is an art that is easy to learn and as with other crafts the more you do it the better your become. I enjoy giving workshops and teaching people new to the art and to those who are more advanced in the art. As well I enjoy demonstrating at local fairs and shows in and around the area from Perth to Kingston. 

I have set up a forum for those in the rug hooking community to post questions, converse about patterns and products and other related topics. Feel free to join in on the conversation and discover the fun of rug hooking.

The summer of 2014 has proven to be a major event for Willow Creek Rug Hooking. I attended and demonstrated at the Mayberly Fair in August. A small but exciting one-day fair located just outside of Perth, Ontario where the focus is on the crafts, preserves, baked goods, the local 4-H Club and horse pulling contests. We had some very interested and eager visitors wanting more information on the craftCarol demonstrates to a young girl how to hook rugs of rug hooking.













FiberFest 2014 in Almonte was another large moment for us.  A great turn-out for the event with large crowds both days allowed us to meet a lot of new friends eager to take lessons and purchase their supplies.fiberfest Almontefiberfest Almonte 2











I also taught a course in Ancaster, Ontario recently. What a great time we all had at the OHCG School in Ancaster. I taught the Rookie Hooking class and we had brand new hookers and some that were very experienced but had never tried Fine Shading. It worked really well and everyone made excellent progress n their Pansy Mats.

Students displaying their unfinished rugs after the course in Ancaster, Ontario

As I said I am excited about our new web site and hope you find it informative, easy to use, and overall a fun place to come to talk and learn about rug hooking. If you have any suggestions of ways to improve your experience we hope you will email your thoughts to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- Carol



What do ewe think...

Thanks so much, the blog is not that active but I am working on improving that. Here is a new pic of one of AJ's patterns.
Beth Dubeau
I hooked both Killarney and AJ Devrie's Song of New Beginning- was very happy with the results. Beth Dubeau
My wife and I thoroughly enjoy this site.