Mon, 18th February 2019

We offer a variety of materials from hand dyed wool, off the bolt stock and linen.

Faith Hope Love Coloured Wool

Wool - Faith Hope Love

TLC colours are dyed to go with the Tonya Crawford patterns and can be purchased as a bundle which will give you the main colours for the patterns. I have not included pieces for the little areas since most of us have a few colours we can pull from our stash. If you need a specific colour please email of call and we can discuss it. They may also be purchased individually 1/8th $8.00

5/8th of a yard of wool in total

1 TLC #9 burgandy- bottom and top boarders

1 TLC  green- side bar leaves

1 TLC #4 red- house

2 TLC #20 gold- background




Traditional linen sold by the yard

60" wide

13x13 threads per inch


Off the Bolt - White Linen

Off the Bolt Natural White

Off the bolt wool -unwashed

57" wide  Sold by the yard