I am running the Thomson workshop again Oct 1st 2022  The workshop is $55 and  runs about 2 hours. We will cover hooking pictorials, deomnstrations of the specific techniques used to re-create the impressionistic style of the paintings, how I dyed the specific colours, and the wool you need for each of the patterns. 

Patterns can be purchased before or after the class as can the wool, as part of a kit or seperately, to fill in gaps in your stash. Purchase of a pattern is not a requirment to take the class. 

Small patterns are approx 12×14 $55, kit with the uncut wool, pattern on linen $165. Large patterns 18×18 $70, kit with uncut wool, pattern on linen $190, plus tax and shipping

email me if you are interested. cshewan@kingston.net and I will send you more details.

Class starts at 10:30 am (eastern)