Mon, 5th December 2022

Willow Creek Rug Hooking is proud to offer a variety of tools and items for crafting rugs. Here you will find scissors, hooks, frames and hoops, as well as books 'Dye'n on the Back Porch by Faith Willistin and Debbie Wiley, and our very own Colour Magic Book.



Quality scissors designed for trimming rugs


Moshimer Hooks

Moshimer Hooks

Moshimer Hooks come in 4 sizes to accommodate all your hooking styles. Fine for cuts #2 & 3, Medium for cuts #3 &4, Coarse is a good all round hook that can be used for #4 - #6, Primitive a wide cut hook for #5 and up. Price is per hook.


Medium Rug Hooking Hoop

The medium hoop is 13.5 inches and is the perfect all round hoop, good for large and small projects. 

$60.00 This item is currently out of stock

Large Rug Hooking Hoop

The large hoop is 15 inches and is great for those large projects where you want to see more of the pattern you are working on.

This hoop still travels well and fits in a hooking bag nicely.


Small hoop

This small hoop is 12 inches, which is good for those very small projects where you don't want to have to add extenders. It is also good for applique and needle work projects.  A great hoop for travelling.



Tux Hoops

The new plastic hoops have been designed specifically for rug hooking by Willow Creek Rug Hooking.The inner texture provides great grip for the backing keeping it snug for easier hooking. The hoops come in two sizes Large 15 inches-$62, Medium 13.5 inches $60. They open wide enough to accomadate even the widest cut. WE HAVE BROUGHT BACK THE 12 INCH HOOP- THERE ARE A LIMITED # IN STOCK $58

Please email for shipping costs.


The texture on the Tux Hoop

The Tux hoop was designed to give more grip, than the wooden hoops, which helps to keep the backing taut. Both the inner and outer bands have a textured surface, so you don't have to constantly tug on the backinng to keep a firm work surface. There is no ridge so your loops don't get crushed.



Dye'n on the Back Porch Combo

Dye'n on the Back Porch by Faith Williston and Debbie Wiley plus the complete swatch library made from the recipes found in the book. These 87 formulas use 50 different ProChem or GK Craft dyes.


Colour Magic and Swatches

Colour Magic Book and Swatches

Get both the book and the swatchettes together in one kit. Swatchettes are approximately 1.5" x 1.5" square wool squares dyed using the recipes in the book. A great way to see what colour the dye recipe is intended to be, using Majic Carpet dyes


Colour Magic

Colour Magic Book

The Colour Magic dye book is a great starter book for the new dyer with instructions on basic open pan dyeing. It will be a nice addition to the experienced dyers library. There is a variety of formulas for bright vibrant colours as well as softer more muted hues using Majic Carpet dyes. 



Dye'n on the Back Porch - Swatchettes

They're here! Swatchettes made from the recipes found in the book Dye'n on the Back Porch by Faith Williston and Debbie Wiley. Swatchettes are 1.5x1.5 inches approx. to give a good sample of the colours.



Dye'n on the Back Porch Book

This dye book has 87 formulas using Pro Chem dyes.  It was written by artist and rug hooking teacher Faith Williston along with her friend Debbie Wiley. They are both from Mississippi and bring a unique colour sense to the dye process.