Mon, 5th December 2022

Kits include pattern, and dyed wool to complete the project

Summer Sunflowers

Sunny sunflower kit on primitive linen with lots of wool to finish the project. 12x22

The wool can be cut in a #5 or 6, cutting fee $25


All of the patterns by Barbel Smith can be done as kits. This pattern is Evening Path and while it looks simple it has numerous different values for each of the colours. 

The kit price is $210 for the pattern and wool uncut. If you require the wool cut add $30, it will be done in a #5 cut.

Each kit is priced individually based on the amount of wool but most will be in this range.

If you are interested in other patterns as a kit please email Carol to discuss your choice. Most patterns can be done as a kit.

Songs of New Beginnings

Songs of New Beginnings is a colourful pattern by AJ Van Drie. Available on linen suitable for cuts #4  and up. The wool colours are a very close match to the painting and can be cut for an additional fee. 


Underwater Dreams

Underwater Dreams

This cute pattern is available as a kit, it is not that large 12x12 on linen.

It can be cut for an additional cutting fee $25