Mon, 30th January 2023

Hand-dyed the 'old-fashion way' in small batches assuring a deep long lasting dye.  Each dye is made fresh from well tested colour recipes carefully measure for colour correctness.

Blue-Violet is on the left

Pure Violet is in the centre and Red-Violet is on the right. 

A variety of values are available on request for your specific projects and all colours can be done as swatches.

 1/8th is $11 plus tax

Pure Blue is on the right

Green is in the centre and Blue-Green is on the left.

Notice the blue-green has been abrashed which adds a nice texture to your hooking. All colours can be abrashed on request. 

 1/8th piece is $11 plus tax

Pure Red is on the left 

Red-Orange in the centre and Orange on the right.

All colours can be abrashed to add texture to your hooking. 

Custom dyeing is also available.

 1/8th is $11 plus tax

Yellow-Orange is the left hand colour

Pure Yellow in the centre and Yellow-Green on the right

All wool comes in 1/8th yard pieces. 

Colours can be abrashed to create a bit more texture.

 $11per 1/8th plus tax